Coordinating Care

Removing barriers to access

Life often gets in the way of getting the health care you need. Sometimes the problem is confusing paperwork or an issue with language translation, or even housing. You may not be aware of important benefits for which you’re eligible.
Care Medical Practice™️, which has partnered in purpose with CINQCARE, works with you to navigate these barriers so you can access the care you need.

Services can include:

  • Translation services
    We provide translation services to those who have limited English proficiency, ensuring an understanding when medical conditions and treatments are discussed.
  • Health insurance assistance
    We help our Family Members navigate the health insurance system, which may include help with enrollment in insurance plans or help with understanding benefits and coverage.
  • Referral services

    When necessary, we refer our Family Members to other healthcare providers or community resources for additional services or support, including mental health or social services, or financial assistance programs.
  • Patient education
    If necessary, we help our Family Members understand how to access healthcare services, navigate the healthcare system, and how to advocate for their own health needs.